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Floppy disk XAMOS alpha 0.29

XAMOS updates from 0.241:

XAMOS alpha 0.241:
- Removed the dependency on Boost (now available as a compiler option by editing the Makefile). Fallback to deprecated hash_map type is supported without Boost.
- Added the ability to build a minimal text-only build without SDL, for cross-platform testing (tested on AROS/x86 and MorphOS/PPC).
- Improved compatibility with 64-bit systems (e.g. Linux/x64).

Note: Some small modifications to the source were made since initial 0.241 release to allow for building on MorphOS. Makefiles were also updated.

XAMOS alpha 0.242:
- Replaced Plot routine with a more stable and compatible one (fixed crashes on AROS).
- Plotting now works correctly on MorphOS (Drawing.xamos, Plotter.xamos, Mandelbrot.xamos, Array.xamos).
- XAMOS -launcher now works on AROS.
- Does not attempt to use Unicode when built for Amiga-like OS's (title bar).
- Fixed random number generation on AROS (ScreenScrollingDemo.xamal, MultiChannelExample.xamal).

XAMOS alpha 0.25:
- Per-pixel collision detection is now implemented, utilising SDL_Collide routines.
- AMOS functions added: =Bob Col(), =Sprite Col(), =SpriteBob Col(), =Bobsprite Col(), =Col().
- A very simple collision example was added - more to come in future.

XAMOS alpha 0.26:
- Multiple screen support has been implemented, with a corresponding demo example.
- Fixed some bugs with collision detection.
- Added "Eater" game demo demonstrating collision detection, Abk support, AMAL and multiple screens.
- Added a XAMOS example of a simple interpreter of a certain esoteric programming language, to demonstrate Turing-completeness.

XAMOS alpha 0.27:
- Added support for graphical text (using TrueType fonts), AMOS Text instruction and Text Length() function.
- Abk sprite banks now correctly load sprite hot spots or handles.
- Icon bank support was added, with Paste Icon instruction. An icon bank is loadable from an Abk bank or folder of images.
- Can now scale Abk sprite and icon banks.
- Updated "Eater" game demo (now default, former in XAMOSOut.xamos).

XAMOS alpha 0.271:
- Fixed a memory leak when displaying graphical text.
- Hot Spot instruction is now implemented, for sprites in all formats.
- Refactored SDL code, and began work on a queue system for rainbow/screen/bob/sprite display priority.

XAMOS alpha 0.28:
- Added an experimental hardware-accelerated OpenGL frontend. Use "-useopengl" command line flag to set.
This is currently disabled by default and not yet working correctly with all examples, or on all platforms.
- Background rainbows are now operational. The rainbows example has been updated.

To use OpenGL:
> XAMOS -useopengl
Which will load the default example.

To select an example using OpenGL:
> XAMOS -launcher -useopengl

To launch the Breakout demo with OpenGL:
> XAMOS example/XAMOSOut.xamos -useopengl

On Linux/Unix use "./XAMOS ...." instead.

XAMOS alpha 0.281:
- Fixed several bugs with the OpenGL frontend - all examples now work correctly (on some platforms).
- Added command line flag to enable non-power-of-two (NPOT) textures: "-useopengl -usenpot", may be faster if supported by GPU.

XAMOS alpha 0.29:
- Added some groundwork for experimental OpenGL ES support (not yet operational).
- Now works correctly in fullscreen mode (Raspbian etc).
- You can now quit by using ESC or CTRL+C.
- A RISC OS (ARM) port of XAMOS by Chris Gransden is now available and in development.

Download XAMOS alpha 0.29 below:
XAMOS homepage
XAMOS files

XAMOS currently supports 10 platforms, with more to come:

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