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The consoles I still have and have no plans to sell are:

XBOX: best system for 8/16 Bit emulation on a CRT
PS2: with 40-50 original games
Gamebox: a quite unknown console, able to play GBA carts and emulate some systems
Caanoo: Open Source handheld
C 128 : If an Amiga fits here, my C128 does fit here too
Wii: with 25-30 original games

The consoles I may sell are:


Consoles / Computers I may buy in the future:

Amiga 1200

Consoles I ve sold/ My mom gave away are:

PS1: sold to fund a PS2
Amiga 500: sold to fund an A 1200
Amiga 1200/030/8MB fast: sold in '99.
C64: given away to a girlfriend in the early nineties
Atari 2600 with more than 25 original cartridges and two pre-Atari consoles thrown away/dumbed! by my mom in the late eighties.
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