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The consoles I still have and have no plans to sell are:

- Playstation 1: With arround 70 games, all originals, with manual and box.
- Dreamcast: with 20-25 games, all originals.
- Nintendo 64: with 3 games. Bought it mainly for Mario64 and Zelda64, both great games.
- Neo-Geo: had 7 or 8 games, only 3 left now (ask my mam why.. see below)
- Gameboy Advanced , with 3 or 4 games.
- Amiga 1200 : Not a console, but you placed it there too
- XBOX : with 15 games
- XBOX 360: with 40+ games

The consoles I may sell are:
- None. My house is big enough to keep em all

Consoles I ve sold are:
- None.

Consoles / Computers I may buy in the future:
- The next XBOX, probably.
- A new PC, when i feel my actual needs to be replaced. (Probably not befor 2014).

Consoles/ computers my Mother gave away:
It destroys me an puts me in rage each time i think about it (like now !), but when i was 19, and went to do my military service, my mother tought she could do something usefull for me to help me "grow up", and so took a full bag of games, and hardware stuff and gave it away to some charity organisation........
Part of that "package" :
- My C64 with all games and all programs i created myself...
- My SEGA Saturn with all the games.. i had arround 20 and 15 or 16 were great RPGs... "Panzer dragon Saga", "Shining Force 2", "shining the holy ark"....
- Gameboy (not the advanced), with all games.
- a fiew Neo-Geo games that found also place in the bag....
- Thank you mom, you helped me to grow up.... well, not really..

.. I still love you mom, don't worry, lol

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