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I like what he's saying about taking an old classic and rethinking it. I agree that many games have mechanics that haven't been explored fully. And a lot of that comes with the success of a games format, if it's not broken why fix it? Certainly makes sense, but a lot of 'what if....' is shut out.

Today I see all too often (and I've been guilty of it myself many times) of having a grand sweeping game idea that you're really passionate about, but have very unrealistic expectations about how much one or two people alone can pull off. I'm kind of going through a 'classic rethink' at the moment and was quite happy to find a similar opinion out there.

Now.. time... if only I can find the 'off' button on the kids for a few hours a day. No matter what I hit on the remote they just WON'T shut down!
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