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Which consoles have you kept, sold, plan to sell or plan to buy

I know its not an Amiga topic but I am interested to hear peoples opinions on the different consoles / computers they own, which ones they plan to sell in the future as they don't use them anymore and whether they have any regrets selling any of their old consoles? It would also be interesting to hear about retro consoles that peple are thinking of buying in the near future too.

Anyone my current situation is as follows:

The consoles I still have and have no plans to sell are:

Amiga 1200 - best way to play SWOS

Dreamcast - still enjoy playing the arcade games such as Crazy Taxi -
Daytona - Soul Calibur - I did briefly consider selling my Dreamcast a few years ago - but when I loaded up a game to see if it was working I ended up playing on it for ages - the graphics with the VGA box looked brill.

PS3 - Still playing Half Life 2 and enjoying Sega releases.

CD32 - Use this for the various PD cds I have and Fire and Ice CD32 version and Super Stardust - the cd drive is very very slow.

Sega Saturn - Radiant Silvergun and some great 2D beat em ups

Sega Mega CD - Snatcher - what a gem and plays all the megadrive cartridges too!

The consoles I may sell are:

Amiga 600 - the Amiga 1200 meets all my needs - this is now boxed

Wii - may upgrade to Wii U - this gets played most by my 3 year old son

Sega 32X - curousity got the better of me with this one - now boxed

Sega Nomad - yet again curousity got the better of me - now boxed

Xbox 360 - unless I get online and download perfect dark this machine gets very little play time.

Consoles I ve sold are:

PS1 - very few PS one games have aged that well - no regrets there - only kept Metal Slug and R-Tpye PSone games to play on PS3.

Xbox - no regrets as the games I played were compatible on Xbox 360

Amiga 500 - I didn't sell this - unfortunately my parents sold this - and threw out 500+ PD games too - best not to think too much about that.

Gamecube - no regrets as could play the games on the Wii

Sega Megadrive - no regrets as could play games on sega mega cd

N64 - the console that I probably have the most regrets about selling- really enjoyed Goldeneye - Perfect Dark - Super Mario - Conkers Bad Fur Day - Have tried to get these games on my modern consoles to compensate - the graphics of the N64 never looked as good when I switched from CRT TV to HDTV.

BBC Micro - some regrets as miss games such as Codename Droid and Imogen - have considered trying to do versions of them on the amiga but have settled for playing them on my pc.

Consoles / Computers I may buy in the future:

I keep toying with the idea of buying a C64 and a SD card reader - If I sell my Amiga 600 and Sega 32X then perhaps this may happen.
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