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Hi! Since i have upgraded and restored my commodore systems since i last posted pics of them, i thought i would share some new pics with you all.

This is also the specs of both machines now-


Kickstart 3.1.
4mb Ram(2mb chip+2mb pcmcia fast).
4gb CF IDE(Classic WB 68k).
Pcmcia Transfer Adapter.
2x Spare 4gb CF Cards.
HxC FloppyEmulator V2 + 16gb SD Card.
A1011 External disk drive(Not in use atm).
+ Replacement keyboard and Membrane, case and capacitors!


C64SD v2.0 INFINITY Disk/Tape Emulator + 4gb SD card.
2x 1541-II Disk Drives(Not in use atm).
C2n Datasette(Not in use atm).
+One dead breadbox c64.

Both systems are running on a 1084s monitor, with an audio switcher box for flicking in between both systems on the speakers, and 2 clicks on the buttons on the back of the 1084s will alternate the picture between the c64 and amiga.
Plus i have various joysticks and gamepads and original tape, disk and cart games for both of them. Although i tend to use the memory card systems i have running on both machines for loading of roms these days. Both systems are loaded up with pretty much every game released for them in one form or another.

Since digging these machines out, i use them on a daily basis now for gaming, mod/sid music playback, demos, and lately, lots of the amazing 8table pinball hd loader for some quick pinball sessions!!

And my hugely powerful pc is getting quite neglected these days which kind of says something about the current state of games, there just not as colourful and fun as they used to be! I am very proud of my commodore setup, the only thing i will do to them now is buy one of kipper2k's internal 4mb ram cards, to give me a total of 8mb of ram in my A600 And maybe fix the yellowing on my c64c, and i am contemplating whether to do a mod on the A600 case and mount the floppy emulator internally, with just the screen and buttons showing on the top of the case, but it would require some cutting and fine work.


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