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At last I am posting and hello to all! I have been looking at all the posts for the last few days..... my heads spinning!! Hadn't looked at an Amiga since
the late 80's. Why now you say.... well I bought one maybe 10 yrs ago and finally looked at it last week.
MMM some small problems. What do all these boards mean and do? Oh well Google!!!!
1 - Genlock (yes I remember those.) have monitor plugged in to it.
1 - 2091 (no drive... so why is it there? On a forum it was mentioned can use ram from it, maybe)
1 - Oktagon Hard Drive card with HD + another one floating around. ( No Ram?)
1 - 2320 card... is it better than Genlock?
1 - Forty Fusion Card
2 - disk drives
1 - Multifacet Card... not sure what it is used for, will Google.
1 - 1084 D monitor
well now a few problems (wouldn't you know it!!)
1 - Battery corroded. Saw somewhere you can use 3.6v portable phone battery, so got one (on sale $1.69), wired it in and it works.
2 - When you go into one of the drawers? to do with HD etc got red flashing fatal error, but it reboots... so will stay out of that area for awhile!!
3 - Hate the background picture but not sure yet how to change
4 - Monitor had ovelap on top of screen, vertical prob.) Googled and got schematic plus some ideas.... they were correct capacitor c308 100 mfd 35v.
5 - Lastly On Off switch bad in monitor. All in little bits after I got through with it . Anyway a gentleman I found on Googling has a replacement so should all work out.
Well thats it. Again it is a pleasure to read all the info on this board.

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