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It's probably easier to just show you.
I have made a few screenshots of me upgrading a WB2.0 to 3.1.

On first picture I run the selected file to start the installation (df0:Install/English) from Install 3.1 disk.

I press 'Proceed', then 'Install Release 3.1'. Select 'Intermediate User' and press 'Proceed With Install'. 'Proceed' again and you should have reached picture 2 which in my case asks if I want to install to 'Workbench:'.

If this is different for you, press no and select the correct folder. If it is correct, just press 'Yes'. Choose languages and 'Proceed'. Select printers and 'Proceed'. Select keymaps and 'Proceed'. Now you see picture 3 which asks whether to save the old startup-sequence in the OLD folder.

Next picture press 'Delete Automatically' (this will only remove old versions of WB files, not your own files). From here on it will ask for your various workbench disks and copy all the new files to the HDD. After this is done you get to picture 4 and you press 'Proceed' to reboot the machine. All done.

Edit: And if you get a weird mouse pointer, fix it by deleting 'envarc:sys/palette.prefs' like suggested here:

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