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Question Help needed: why i get smooth scrollings only in 3d vision mode?

Hi Guy,

I am curious way, but i not understand the reason

Perhaps somebody can help me to understand.

Indeed, I can display on my PC configuration very smooth scrollings on a LCD monitor (like on a CRT monitor) but only in 3d vision mode with 3D glasses

I have tested with:
- WinuUAE using 'sync 50hz=>60hz option' or NTSC games (tested TURRICAN2, BC kid etc???)
- some pc games using 2d scrollings (Braid, Rayman origins , shank 1 & 2, etc.)

It's impressive to see very smooth scrolling on LCD monitor on PC...
(config: gtx 580X2 SLI on Asus VG278HE to 144hz (3d vision 120 hz =>60hz per eye)

But curiously if i disable 3d vision mode, scrollings are not smooth because i can see 2 frames in same time (new frames and previous frame but with less light) ;
Image looks shaky at the border of item... So it's unplayable because i have quickly headache so it's impossible to display 2d scrollings without 3d Glasses

Have you an idea of the reason of this curious phenomena ?

If i don"t found the reason, I'm going crazy

PLease help me
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