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Originally Posted by clitosa View Post
We do have an external 4GB SanDisk CF that we use in our 1200's pcmcia slot to transfer files from our pc to amiga. This CF is currentlt formatted to FAT32.

Could we therefore use the following commands inside Shell/CLI to back up the DH2 onto our external CF?

makedir CF0:backup_dh2
copy DH2:#? CF0:backup_dh2/ ALL CLONE QUIET

Then once WB3.1 has been installed with 3 new partitions (ie DH0,1 & 2) can we use the following commands to restore the back up from CF0 into the DH2 folder?

CF0:backup_dh2/#? DH2: ALL CLONE QUIET
Well, it isn't optimal way to backup to FAT32 formatted device. Amiga files have certain attributes (protection bits) which aren't preserved on FAT32 filesystem. Especially system files do have those special bits. It is better to use copy command only to Amiga formatted devices. Although games and other files would probably still work just fine if copied through FAT.

If you want to backup to FAT32 device, you'd better archive files with lha or other method (create ISO image etc) which would preserve the protection bits. Archiving may be slow operation depending the amount of the files.

I'm not sure if you can use Amiga formatted devices on PCMCIA, but at least with internal IDE you could have several devices as said.
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