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Exclamation Internal IDE

Originally Posted by daxb View Post
I would recommend connect a second device (HD or CF). That make things easier. The internal A1200 IDE port can manage two devices at one cable. Then you can easy make backups for now and in future. They exists 4-port adapter and scsi but that shouldn`t care you for now.

If you have the possibility to meet a skilled amiga user who can help you and explain each step I would recommend doing it. At least for the beginning you will save a lot of time and nerves.
Thanks D - yeah that sounds sensible. We do have an external 4GB CF in the pcmcia slot. Maybe that would help?

We can only connect 1 device to our internal IDE cable (at least that we know of!) and it's currently attached to our internal CF HD by an IDE2CF adapter.

Yep, would love to meet a skilled miggy user, but seems they're a rare breed these days. (or at least round the parts that we live anyway)

Thanks for the input
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