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Question Backing up the DHn on to an external pcmcia CF before installing WB3.1

Thanks jPV - Thanks for sheding light on those HD partitions.

Sounds like learning to backup those files is important anyway regardless whether we intend to overwrite WB from 2.1 to 3.1 or not. And that making any HD changes without backing up files is not a good idea.

We do have an external 4GB SanDisk CF that we use in our 1200's pcmcia slot to transfer files from our pc to amiga. This CF is currentlt formatted to FAT32.

Could we therefore use the following commands inside Shell/CLI to back up the DH2 onto our external CF?

makedir CF0:backup_dh2
copy DH2:#? CF0:backup_dh2/ ALL CLONE QUIET

Then once WB3.1 has been installed with 3 new partitions (ie DH0,1 & 2) can we use the following commands to restore the back up from CF0 into the DH2 folder?

CF0:backup_dh2/#? DH2: ALL CLONE QUIET

"If" this is the correct method of backing up the contents of DH2 to our CF, we can then repeat the process for both DH0 & 1.

Thank you

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