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Originally Posted by clitosa View Post
Hi all,
People have pointed out that making a backup of the HD would be best before attempting to do so. Because changes to the HD partition size (DH0/1/2 etc) will effect files located in those areas.
If you change partition sizes, only those partitions are destroyed which are resized or moved. So for example, if you make DH0 bigger with an effect that DH1 becomes smaller, only DH0 and DH1 data is lost. DH2 remains usable. If you have enough space on DH2 to backup all data from DH0 and DH1 to DH2, then you can easily to the resize and restore the data from DH2 after it (assuming you have some other boot media, like Workbench disk... or you've made that DH2 bootable).

But in any case, if you make an error with the partitions and seems that you've lost everything, don't panic. Just don't write anything on the disk with new partitions and there will be possibility to restore "partition tables" back to original and all data will be back. It needs some expertise, but can be done.

Unfortunately we are unable to make a back of the HD.
It is easy to backup one partition to some other partition, if there's enough space on it. DH0 is usually set so small, that it'll probably fit on some other partition.

For example backing up DH0 to DH2 from the shell:

makedir DH2:backup_dh0
copy DH0:#? DH2:backup_dh0/ ALL CLONE QUIET

ALL option copies all files inside all directories, CLONE option makes exact copies with dates, protection bits etc preserved, and QUIET option makes no output to shell while copying (you have to wait until cursor goes to new prompt on shell). If you want to see every file it's copying, then don't give QUIET option.

If you want to restore the full backup back to new and formatted partition:
copy DH2:backup_dh0/#? DH0: ALL CLONE QUIET

Or you just can copy or examine certain single files from the backup if needed to run some program etc.

Edit: and in any case you should backup all or at least certain things from the old system. Installed programs on other partitions may have set some assigns or installed some system files, which you need to copy back to the new system. You should make backup of DH0:S/user-startup file and DH0:Libs/ and DH0:Fonts/ directories. Maybe some others too depending installed software. But better make full backup.

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