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Floppy disk Installing WB3.1 without losing files on the HD?

Hi all,

We are hoping to install W.B3.1 on our internal 4GB CF HD, which is currently running WB2.1

Before we try to do so. There are files on our HD, that we do not wish to lose. These files are located in our DH1 (work) folder and DH2 (games) folder. We have no concern for those files found within DH0 (workbench)

People have pointed out that making a backup of the HD would be best before attempting to do so. Because changes to the HD partition size (DH0/1/2 etc) will effect files located in those areas.

Unfortunately we are unable to make a back of the HD.

Is it still therefore possible that if we do not change the HD partition size, then we could install WB3.1 over our 2.1 without losing those files found in DH1 and 2

Maybe it's too much of a tall order, but thought i'd ask.

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