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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
Open a shell and type list DH0: ALL > DIR.TXT

You will then have a text file listing all files on your hard drive.

Search that text for the filenames you're expecting to find.

Hi Prowler
- that sounds great, thanks.

From the sysinfo we can tell that our drives are DF0/CF0, (Floppy Drive & Compact Flash) Workbench (DH0) Work (DH1) Games (DH2)

When we type in the command: DH1: ALL > DIR.TXT into shell we are given no response. For example shell will read:

8.Workbench:> DH1: ALL > DIR.TXT

Maybe it is just very slow. Should this happen?

Should the .txt file be found on the desktop once (or if) completed?


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