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There is another problem with AGA/060 demos that's rarely mentioned.
As a demo fanatic, I invested in an 060 for my Amiga, so I can watch all the new demos properly (I really dislike emulators).

What I found out is, that most demos in the last 5 years or so, need more than a 50Mhz 060 to run acceptably smooth.
Think about it - how many 060 owners are out there?
How many of them have overclocked 060?
The answer is probably very little, and personally I wont risk overclocking ancient (and expensive) hardware that can die any minute.

So in the end, I still have to watch many demos (hello Elude) on an emulator, as they look more like slide-shows on a real 060 in most cases

Is there a real reason for this?
I'd really like to hear opinions of actual demo coders
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