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Nice to see new initiatives, however isn't it confusing to use the same name as my wiki ?

Also I hope it'll stay online for a long time, as when sites/forums disappear they can take a lot of usefull information or discussions with them. This way the AMOS factory also lost many discussions/posts due to new incarnations of the site/forums. Which is funny because the posts from the AMOS emailing lists which existed before the forums (since 1993) are all archived on Aminet and will never be lost. (funny to read back my old posts there from '93 :P). Maybe it's an idea to have exports/archives of discussions uploaded to Aminet every now and then to preserve knowledge?
(it was also one of the reasons I requested the release of the AMOSPro sourcecodes, since I knew Francois Lionet already lost all the sourcecodes himself)
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