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Originally Posted by britelite View Post
You do know there's more to democoding than filesize/available memory?
You do know being able just to add stuff to your binary without even thinking about the filesize and never running out of chipmem is an incredible advantage?

Originally Posted by britelite View Post
Indeed, I'm talking about coding demos, you seem to be talking about displaying animations
No, I told you that it was just an example. It's you who are fixating on it despite my last post.
Originally Posted by britelite View Post
If something is just slightly above "crap level" it most certainly gets zero appreciation from me, no matter how much someone spent time on it (or how hard it was to achieve)
I stated the problem poorly. I meant to say that if you accept the limitations, you get average demo content: "1 module, 1 picture, a logo and some sprites is all that fits in chipmem after necessary buffers" - and that as soon as you want to be ambitious in some area, f.ex. high-quality samples in the module making it 300KB, you run into the limits and have to change your planning or scratch ideas.

Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
Try a perspective correct texture mapper without using FPU for example, I can assure you that you'll face several headaches!
Um... And AGA/060 has an FPU. That makes that platform easier to code those on. That's why even simpler attempts at texture-mapping get more appreciation on limited platforms. Thanks for agreeing with me...?

This is straying off-topic, and I won't continue. I was just calling what I think is one major reason for why so A500 1MB is getting so little love from coders. You seem to want to see more demos for the A500 as well so why not suggest alternative reasons?
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