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Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
It's vaporware till Jens posts pics*.

Right Jens?

*Kidding folks.
Vaporware worries me indeed.

It may be that Jens feels that the A500 market is too weak. I don't think that anyone here uses anything less than a pimped up A600 or A1200, if not a fully upgraded big box. We all keep our first A500 with passion, but who really fires it up more than once in a decade?
Amongst the few people that really use their A500 most have already got themselves the fine add-ons by Kipper2k, or are waiting for Zeus.
Those interested in the ACA500 are only dreaming about putting something else on it (like a PPC).

So, no release date makes me think that Jens is hesitating about this expansion and will eventually NOT release it unfortunately...
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