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Hi JimNeray! I am still having the same issue, basically i have done the scan of the games and it picks them up ok. I will try explain the issue i am having, it a strange one.

When i go into the launcher and try to scroll through the list of games, every time i try to go to a different page it reverts back to the first page of the list(A).
So if i scrolled down the list in A, when i get to the bottom and the 2nd page of the A list should come up, it doesn't, it reverts back to the top of page 1 of A.

And if i press a letter, example- b, it will show the first page/list of b, but if i try to scroll to the next page of the b listing, it goes back to the first page(A) as well.
It will do this for any letter category i try, i basically can't see past the first page/list of any letter as it always goes back to the first page of A.

The strange thing is my demos launcher lists work fine and i can scroll from a-z ok.

Maybe it's an issue with my whdload games, Also does it matter how you have the game folders setup, i have them in the default a-z sorted folders, but as mentioned the game scan worked fine and picked up all the game i have on my hd.

Also sorry for my late reply, and thanks for your great work.

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