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Originally Posted by britelite View Post
Some problems vanish, indeed. But you get other problems to deal with instead.
Much, much, much fewer problems. On AGA/060, you just INCBIN whatever size files, A, WO, and done.

Maybe we're talking about different things. Can you give an example of a difficult problem you've encountered on AGA/060 (and how you solved it, if you want).

Originally Posted by britelite View Post
But an animation is still just an animation
Indeed. My point was that a good looking long or smooth animation is harder to achieve on a limited retro platform. In the case of animation, memory is the limit. On an A500, anything above ~12 frames of fullscreen graphics takes real-time decompression or loader. The only difference between animations and effects is that it's the 7MHz and <0.5 MIPS that is the limit.
Originally Posted by britelite View Post
And "more work" doesn't equal good end result. I don't care how much (or little) time someone spent doing something, if what I'm watching looks like crap.
Of course it doesn't, neither does "less work", as you say. I fully agree

Certainly also, it's possible to get a bright new idea that doesn't require much work and quickly code and release an intro that is appreciated. But it's pretty rare on platforms where the hardware must be used to make the effects and the hardware design therefore dictates what kinds of effects can be conceived. After a while, most of the kinds of effects have been conceived.

The point is that if you have limitations, reaching just slightly above "crap level" in looks takes work, and this gets appreciation by people who know what's possible from the outset.

Again, you know all this, just seemed to me that you thought I meant something else.

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