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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
That is weird as I am able to perform memtests on all 11.3MB without any problems?
There appears to be a bug in MBR2-test: The $c0 memory area is listed as 1.5M, and there's "another 512k" at $d0. This is not the case - the freemem list only contains 1M at $c0, and then 512k at $d0, but they are not continuous. Sysinfo and the showconfig tool from workbench show the correct memory nodes, where MBR2-test will test the $d0 area twice.

The good thing is that ACAtune V1.7 works fine with the Rev.2 logic, because it automatically sees that $f0 is write-protected. So no need to panic here - it adds the right amount of memory and leaves out the $f0 ROM emulation area, which *was* usable as RAM in the previous version.

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