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Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
1/ Build a cheap adapter without redundant HW, this will mean more sales of of higher end (usually more profitable) aca12xx's because the price barrier to entry is lower for a500 owners
Removing the CMOS 68k and memory would hardly save any money. Those parts come from chip brokers who have carried this stuff over the year-end-mark for quite a few years, and the total saving in component cost would be way below 5,- EUR. If you'd have to pay 74,- EUR instead of 79,- EUR for that adapter, you'd really have something to complain about.

Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
2/ build a decent aca620 style accelerator board (obviously with IDE included) for the a500 with 8mb ram and an 020 (that will be well worth owning for many of us)
...and get the same complaints as from those who don't like the ACA620, because it's so much less than the ACA630 - as already written by someone else in this thread, this is just proving that you can't make everyone happy with a single product.

In addition to that, I'd have to make that 020 accelerator compatible with external mass-storage. Oh, and don't forget that there's no Gayle inside the A500, so the logic for 020 access to the CIA chips is a lot more complicated (E-Clock syncronization). I wonder how you'd fit that into the same size of logic as on the ACA620. If you can do that, I should hire you - you know where to find me on the net. I accept electronic job applications.

Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
Jens makes multiple aca1200 series boards, why not make 2 really good products for the a500 instead of 1 really mediocre board?
That's because one really good product is enough. What you pay for on the ACA500 is the mechanical solution and the CF/IDE adapter. RAM and CPU come almost for free.

I haven't published pictures for a reason: There's another A500 accelerator in the works, and I don't want to give away all my ideas. There's a few very effective and solid mechanical solutions in the ACA500 that don't cost too much, and it's likely that they will make the majority of customers prefer my design over Zeus. I'd be stupid to publish pictures of the mechanical elements before I can ship quantities.

Also, there's some features in the works that improve usability and ease of installation. After all, this product targets those who come *back* to the Amiga, not those who are already active on the forums and own a collection of Amigas.

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