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Im not going to get into an argument, as I said that was my 2c but I'll sum up for those that are having trouble keeping up:

1/ Build a cheap adapter without redundant HW, this will mean more sales of of higher end (usually more profitable) aca12xx's because the price barrier to entry is lower for a500 owners

2/ build a decent aca620 style accelerator board (obviously with IDE included) for the a500 with 8mb ram and an 020 (that will be well worth owning for many of us)

FWIW, I really like the idea of the aca12xx adaptor board for a500's, I just dont like the idea of including wasted ram and cpu because it only puts up the price and makes for a mediocre standalone accelerator.

Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
Either he sells a standalone budget alternative that lets A500 owners use WHDLoads. Or he sells a budget bridge that lets you add a ACA12XX to your A500. The savings in the later case is diminished by the fact that he has to make 2 production runs, design 2 different sets of hardware, and a much smaller production of each. I'm not so convinced the end result would actually be cheaper for you.
Jens makes multiple aca1200 series boards, why not make 2 really good products for the a500 instead of 1 really mediocre board?
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