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Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
Jens told me the 68k* on the aca500 and the 2mb ram is disabled as soon as you plug in an aca12xx
Yes, your point is? Not everyone who gets a ACA500 is going to get a ACA12XX, ever. It's my understanding that for it to be useful as a standalone unit it gets a little CPU & memory. Just enough for WHDLoads, but not much else. The ACA500 isn't intended to be sold as a means of adding a ACA12XX to your A500. That ability is just a bonus feature. The ability to boot of a CF, have a CD-ROM, and play your WHDLoads on the A500, is the selling point.

Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
I dont have an issue with him making an adapter that allows a500 owners to use his aca12xx cards, I have an issue with him thinking the current aca500 design is good enuf as a standalone board when a600 owners have a much better and affordable single board option.
Um. The ACA620 is actually less feature equipped. Has more memory, and a faster CPU, but thats it. This whining just proves you can't make everyone happy.

Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
*and the onboard 68k is also disabled so now you'll have two useless 68k's in your a500.
I'm not even sure you get to keep the original 68000 in your A500, but then again, i'm not to convinced thats your point, really. Dude. Either he sells a standalone budget alternative that lets A500 owners use WHDLoads. Or he sells a budget bridge that lets you add a ACA12XX to your A500. The savings in the later case is diminished by the fact that he has to make 2 production runs, design 2 different sets of hardware, and a much smaller production of each. I'm not so convinced the end result would actually be cheaper for you.

But the bottom line is: Either buy it, or don't. If your not pleased with his design, get a competing product thats more to your liking, it's not like your out of options.
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