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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
It's far away from vaporware. Sometimes i can't understand what people think they could get for 79,90€ these days. What is it? Pure bitterness about too little Fast Ram?
Jens has never even posted a single aca500 prototype pic, until he does it's vaporware - im not trying to be rude to Jens either, there's been lots of talk but no substance provided.

My criticisms (even if they come across a bit gruff) are meant to be constructive, im not just saying "xyz is a crap idea", im providing a rationale and suggestions for improvement.

Currently you can get an 8mb autoconfig ram board from Kipper2k for $49 and an IDE68k board from MKL for $60 (I have both) and the aca500 has been estimated to cost the same as these two combined - my point is that the aca500 should ditch the cpu and ram then it would cost maybe $50 and then adding and aca12xx would make sense as an upgrade for a500 owners.
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