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Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
Without a CPU on the expansion, it wouldn't work at all as a standalone, and would force buyers to buy an ACA12XX. Now buyers get a small performance upgrade, are able to play a bunch of WHDloads, get boot'able storage... I can't quite honestly see what your gripes are about.
Jens told me the 68k* on the aca500 and the 2mb ram is disabled as soon as you plug in an aca12xx - that's the very definition of redundant hardware and merely drives up the cost of an aca12xx adapter.

I dont have an issue with him making an adapter that allows a500 owners to use his aca12xx cards, I have an issue with him thinking the current aca500 design is good enuf as a standalone board when a600 owners have a much better and affordable single board option.

*and the onboard 68k is also disabled so now you'll have two useless 68k's in your a500.

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