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Originally Posted by Calabazam View Post
Am i the only one to care about the ACA500 here?
I thought that this thread was called "New products for C64 and Amiga from Individual Computers" not just "New A600 accelerator from Individual Computers".
So any release date or update of any kind? Will it be available for Christmas?
It's vaporware and not very good vaporware at that!

My 2c worth:

I wouldnt waste your time on Jen's aca500, that thing is an insult to a500 owners with it's tiny 2mb ram and 14mhz 68k - he should make a proper accelerator for the 500 that's at least as good as the aca620!

If Jens wants a500 owners to buy his aca12xx boards (& fair enuf, it's a good idea), he should make an adapter with no redundant ram, no redundant CPU and just IDE + some useful stuff like Ethernet and USB and he'd sell boat loads!
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