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Originally posted by MethodGit
AmigaMos is gone too??!!! :eek Did I miss something like an old thread before???

Anyhoo, I last visited WOS not very long ago. It hadn't been updated for a long while, and none of the download links worked anymore anyway.
AMIGAMos for sale

I liked the layout of WoC, but it was always painfully slow to browse (at least from here in the US). Hey, ya win some, ya lose some. The average site these days lasts only the duration of a domain name's registration. People create sites whilst they are all fired up about a given topic, but after a year or two, they have lost all interest in maintaining it. Life takes over and all of that jazz. More the norm than the exception, so it's not like its any kind of indicator of waning interest or any of that sorta thing. In that time, new Amiga sites have appeared, as well. The only constant is change...
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