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Originally Posted by Mequa View Post
The release of the AMOSPro sources is excellent news, do you know if the sources are complete?

Unfortunately these original sources aren't much use directly for the XAMOS project, as they are written in 68k assembler, are closely tied to and bang the Amiga hardware, and are not written in an expandable fashion.
XAMOS is written in C++ with SDL and OpenGL libraries (possibly other libraries instead in future), and is designed to be cross-platform and portable.

I see some folks over at AMOS Factory are considering updating AMOSPro from the original source. I strongly suspect that AMOSPro was not well written and will be extremely difficult to expand upon. Going by my emails with Francois, it may also be extremely difficult to get it to build. On modern hardware, an updated AMOSPro would only really be useful under emulation (and/or FPGA reimplementations).

The XAMOS project needs more developers if it is going to progress towards being a solid AMOSPro reimplementation for most modern platforms. Please contact me if you are interested in contributing to the XAMOS project.
There's a French programmer who is building an Amos compatible language in C, I think that it only target OS4.
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