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Originally Posted by hattig View Post
As many 8-bitters could do these racing games fairly well (look at Chase HQ on the Amstrad CPC for example) I expect that many Amiga games - sharing an engine with the Atari ST version - simply redrew the screen each frame.
A C64 can scroll a complete screen faster than an Amiga 500

This because most of the time the C64 games are in "character" mode (not sure of it's real name). In that mode an 8*8 pixel area is represented by a single byte ! This means a complete screen of 320*200 in 2 colors, does only take arround 1k !!! (even a bit less actualy because 1k = 1024 bytes, and it really takes only 1000 bytes)

Most of the Amiga 500 games are in 320*256 and 32 colors, and such a screen does take 50kb. Compare that to the 1kb from the C64 screen, and you will know why a lot of games had a 25 or even sometimes 50 ips (images per second) on our great C64

p.s. only talked about "real" scrolling, where the whole screen gets moved in memory, not scrollings where only screen adresses change in the copper list, of course.
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