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Originally Posted by Photon View Post

The complaint that AGA-060 is for the very few is very real though. A500 is still THE platform, according to me.

Not because of the number of users or because I dislike A1200/AGA-060 or because I'm stuck in the 80s (well, I may be so accused, but it's not relevant) - but because it's the "most" limited and old platform, and only the old, limited platforms can get the added appreciation that the other limited platforms get. It's simply not fantastic that an A1200 can display a converted picture made in Photoshop or Painter. Of course it can! If someone brings 32767 color modes to an A500, or even hand-paints a 64-color picture, of course it's fantastic!
I have to somewhat disagree here since you make it sound like coding for/on 68060/AGA is incredibly simple which of course it isn't. It's just different to 68000 coding. You still have to optimise your code if you go for 68060 which isn't quite state of the art anymore either when it comes to speed and this can be VERY hard thanks to the cache and other stuff you don't have to deal with on 68000.

I for one like both, 68000 and 680x0 demos as they all have their very own charme. There should be more A500 demos though, that I agree with!
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