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Floppy disk Sprite scaling pseudo-3D engines (Lotus, XJ220...), how were they done?

Hey there!

I remember some other thread about this topic but I just can't seem to find it (was there any?)

Is there any information on the net on how games like Lotus were actually done? On the Amiga in particular but also in general. How did it work from a technical point of view? How were actual "maps", worlds or racing tracks created? How did coders cope with the technical limitations of the Amiga and what did they have to exploit to get things to work? I am interested in engines for games like the Lotus series, Jaguar XJ220, Space Harrer, the 3D-sequences of Awesome or Black Viper, Space Harrier or Super Hang-On.

Well if someone knows something about the technical side or other interesting information about these engines, please post it here
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