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Originally Posted by mikebRG View Post
I do like SWIV, it was always one of my favourite Amiga shmups, but playing it recently for a RG feature I thought it was a bit bland in parts compared to say Battle Squadron or Apidya, with some very large, barren stretches of the maps, which even the developer's admitted were a bit too empty in hindsight (though to be fair the graphic detail as well as many other techinal aspects of the game are very good indeed). Also I admit I was playing it in one player mode, and the game's at its best with two players.

You can read the SWIV feature here - Making of Swiv - some very interesting snippets on how the sprite system and in-game loading worked (the game basically loaded the level maps as you played, which allowed for such enormous levels).
Thanks for the SWIV feature! Great read.
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