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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
For some reason it is cheaper to ship stuff from Germany to Denmark than it is internally in Denmark.
That is true here in sweden to.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Yeah Jens, it works differently in the rest of the world.
And registered has no insurance or tracking, it's only recorded delivery.

When I was in the US I used to ship in a flat-rate international envelope, which used to cost 13 USD, but that did not include any sort of tracking or insurance.
Basic "registered" (or as they call it, rekommenderad (Recommended)) is about 17Euro from Sweden to Germany, 18 to the whole of US, and allows a package where width+length+thickness=>|90cm, with no side more then 60cm, and a total weight of max 2kilos. The postservice wont refer to it as a insurance, but they are liable for values up to 1200Euros without any extra fee's. I've never had the pleasure to try and get them to come up with that money, I'm guessing that might be harder then it looks. Also, it pretty much only covers "lost" package, if anything ever breaks, you packaged it poorly, and it's your fault. Doesn't matter if it fell out of the truck, and a heavy forklift truck ran over it. Or if it looks like someone used it as a football. What ever you do, NEVER use a fragile sticker. Here in Sweden at least, those are picked out manually, and kicked around "for fun" by some post office employees. If it broke, it's the senders fault, and they do everything to try and make it happen.
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