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Originally Posted by Vollldo View Post

Ah ah ah yes, to push the button is needed otherwise you will swirl until becoming dizzy and collapse on the ground looool.

My pleasure mister really. It was very nice to find these few words to describe the nova bomb feeling .

I suppose that the professionnal of Zangief in Street fighter 2 don't have any problem to do it with a joypad, but except these exceptions, a good joystick is simply perfect for this.


If you are talking about the one in attachment, well it was my joystick during my amiga days and in my opinion the best ever made, so maybe this one is not the good choice for your sensibility. We are all different, i have a friend who plays really well at Kick off 2 with my Quickshot, and it is completely IMPOSSIBLE for me !

And... Nice choice of picture Torben !
Yes, that is my Zipstik. I adore the thing. With all the suckers removed they make a great hand held stick, and almost indistructable to boot. I spent a while last year cornering the market on ebay, buying up quite a few for spares.

Anyway, I thought I'd update the thread on my pains at getting the second button to launch the Nova missile.

Thanks to Oge, I acquired a megadrive to amiga converter, but unfortunately all button C did was quit the game. So I tried the 1.7b slave which made the second button do nothing.

After reading a post elsewhere on how different kickstart versions read the joystick, I just gave my A600 a try. The C button works for the nova everytime! No adapter or beta slave needed.

So in conclusion the problem seems to be with Kickstart 3, as Kickstart 2 has no problem with MD pad and WHDload.

Hope this helps someone. Now I can get back to some Battle Squadron.
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