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Jens, trust me I tried every single option and I even have a small business account (with discounts) with Canada Post since I ship a lot of stuff back and forth. For small business, they even have an application ("EST") that you can download and will instantly transmit data back to the post office and print the shipping label. It lists all the available services with relative pricing and lets you pick the one you want.

For some reason it refused to give me any insurance option (tracking is out of the question basically) for anything besides the $65 shipping option. Same thing at the post office. It's just not available.

I am always amazed when Vesalia sends me trackable items from Germany for just 5-6 euros! Once they sent me a wrong item and I had to return it. The only option I had from here was to pay $35 to send it back, with no insurance or tracking. Thankfully everything I shipped to Germany through this method always arrived OK.
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