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OK, maybe those postal services make a difference between registered mail (aka certified mail) and trackable mail. All you need is registered mail, because that includes some kind of insurance.

Anyone can send a "maxi letter" (padded envelope) from Germany to anywhere in the world for 3.45 EUR, and the added price for "registered mail" is 2.05 EUR, so the total is 5.50 EUR. If I remember right, this is according to international postal contracts and should be available from almost anywhere in the world if you ask for the right thing.

I already got an ACA620 from Poland, and the amount of stamps on the letter was 16.80 Zloty, which translates to 4.10 EUR. I had to sign for the letter at the door, so the service was registered. BTW, that board is already fixed and on it's way back to the customer.

I take it that most services want to sell you additional insurance or some kind of express service. However, if it's just "international mail", the envelope should be at it's destination within a week, because there just is no mail with sea freight any more. Everything goes by air mail, even some domestic mail in a small country like Germany.


Edit: Speedgeek, I just tried the USPS site and I think I found the "problem": You have to open the "first class mail international" tab, because as a standard, the most expensive service is offered (GXG express mail for 50 bucks and more). A 4oz "international large envelope" is 4.09US$. Haven't found an option to make that a "signed for"-service, but it's surely something you can ask for at the post office.

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