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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
BTW, the update for your ACA630s is still free, and if you send them with registered mail, it should not cost you too much. Definitely not as much as buying new boards. If I see the amounts people pay for those units on eBay, you can make a good chunk of your spendings back. Just go ahead and send me that parcel - there is no need to keep these units off the market.

The money didn't acutally bother me, I'm still happy that you even built an 030 for the A600, but from a time/money wasted point of view, ordering 2 new units form amigakit had cost about $80 more than returning the units, and they were on my doorstep in 3 days, so it made more sense at the time, and then the A604 pretty much took care of the bug, so I'm eventually going to build 2 more A600's with them and give them to the nephews/neices.

The issue is that from a consumer point of view, we don't have a clue how long you'll build the units, so if you want one you're pressed to get it before it's gone, and then have to take the risk of a an unforseen issue being present. I understand it's niche market segment, but I think some more focus should be in there for end user fixes, if not on the hardware side, maybe locating someone trusted on the other side of the world to handle fixes of this nature to cut the expese of these types of fixes etc..

I've got a couple indy aga's and ACA's on my "to buy" list, and I'm just waiting to see that they're at the right maturity level before buying them so I avoid these hassles, the only question is if they'll still be availble by that time.
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