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Originally Posted by Khyron View Post
Knowing you have customers around the world, the magiks of "in circuit programming" and the internet.. which doesn't charge by weight or destination country.. you'd expect the designer to include some sort of software or end user capable update..
That would require special equipment (JTAG programmer) at the user's site, and publishing the only copy-protection I currently have. The Jedec file for the CPLDs will not leave this site unprotected - sorry. I might as well publish the source code and watch someone else make money from my development - great suggestion.

It's different with FPGAs, which are S-Ram based, for example the Chameleon and my flickerfixers. A CPLD-based design cannot be upgraded with an internet download as easy as you know it from my flash-based designs.

BTW, the update for your ACA630s is still free, and if you send them with registered mail, it should not cost you too much. Definitely not as much as buying new boards. If I see the amounts people pay for those units on eBay, you can make a good chunk of your spendings back. Just go ahead and send me that parcel - there is no need to keep these units off the market.

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