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Originally Posted by alenppc View Post
I tried contacting Jens to know where to send the card, so far nothing, so it might be safer to send it to you guys. What is the procedure for this? Do I need to create a ticket first and wait for a reply before I ship it?
I've been at the production site all day yesterday, so no chance to answer any support tickets.

Since all ACA620 are still under warranty, there's no need to create an RMA or so. Just send the board to your reseller or directly to me (whatever is cheaper for you), and it'll be updated for free. For compensation of your shipment cost, make sure that you choose the cheapest, but trackable mailing service (which is usually registered mail in a padded envelope). I will not pay for anything more expensive (such as express services), and I will not accept any parcels where I have to pay at the door (German "unfrei").

Make sure you include all required paperwork, especially your return address. Please print the address, as I have had difficulties reading hand-written addresses before. If you're outside Europe, please include a short letter that I can show customs, so it's clear that the board only comes back to Germany for "repair". Keep your original invoice, but include a copy of your invoice, so I can reference it in my paperwork back to you, which will make it customs-free on it's way back.

My address is:

Individual Computers GmbH
Jens Schönfeld
Im Zemmer 6
52152 Woffelsbach

Sorry for all this hassle. However, this update will also make two pieces of "special software" possible, which is already in the works. More on that later, when that software is available.

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