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Originally Posted by clitosa View Post
Okay everyone - found a reliable source online from amigakit for those recommended SanDisk CF's for use with the PCMCIA. (Here's The Link)

It's not clear from their picture as to the exact type of SanDisk CF it is. But from recent communications with them, I have been told it is a:
SanDisk Ultra (not II) 4GB @ 30mb/s.
I have just bought two of exactly those cards. They were quite cheap despite being a well-known brand and has a decent speed. However, they both identifies as removable media, causing problems with the partitioning with the original HDToolbox. Using the patched version solved the problem and it is now booting in my A1200 (IDE port).
My older Ultra-II card identifies as a fixed disk, so it worked without any problems with the original HDToolbox.
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