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Originally Posted by stowball View Post
Hi ppill

Sorry for delay, but I could not get your instructions to work.

I send transwarplong successfully (although I never see BREAK when I press Ctrl+C) so I send an empty .txt file and close the "Send another file?" dialog.

Then I cd:ram and type "ram:transwarp -w ser: -1" and it results in "unable to load ram:transwarp: file is not an object or module".

I have no idea what to do to to fix this I've tried in WB 1.3 & 1.2

send transwarplong, when the requester for another file pops up don't do anything and press CTRL+C in the amiga shell and then send another file (could be anything)... you should see the break signal. did you do that in this order? maybe the translation messed up something.
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