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Originally Posted by stowball View Post
4. I tried copy ram:BaudBandit.device to devs: but baudbandit was not an object or module (or something like that)
You don't need the baudbandit.device.

It can make things faster, but it's not required.

Originally Posted by stowball View Post
Now what do I do?
Ok, what I'd do is open a SHELL and copy transwarp to RAM:, then (after placing a blank pre-formatted floppy in the df0 ) type:

RAM:transwarp -w ser: -b 19200 -1

It should tell you to start sending the disk from the PC, so choose your ADF on your PC and send it. Make sure the PC is set for 19,200. (You can go higher, but I had my best luck initially at that speed, so I think it's safest to start.)

Good Luck

p.s. Make sure you write protect your boot floppy, so you don't accidentally write over it. That's why I generally ran transwarp from RAM.
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