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Originally Posted by corpsicle View Post
There are so manu great things in this thread. First the possibility of new hardware. Second the constructive criticism from Jens. Third the absolutely inspiring attitude in The Rouges answers. And now a first step towards a redesigned Thylacine. Bravo everyone involved!
Sorry I missed replying to your post, I didn't notice it until now. My apologies. Thank you so much for your support and your positive attitude. Anyone who thinks about it will realise that there's absolutely no reason to get offended by a challenge to a newcomer from a vetran, its only natural. Thank you again for looking on the bright side of things!

@kamelito: I will absolutely check that out! Thanks for posting it! Thanks as well for your support and possible interest. If you want to PM me with your details I will keep you informed as to my progress. I am going to put up a site some time soon, I just have been so busy with the behind the scenes stuff I haven't had time yet. I will announce the site here as soon as its ready! Stay tuned!
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