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Sorry I haven't dropped by in a short while. I have been working on a project on the Apple II front. I decided to 'put up or shut up' as some might say, and produce something of high complexity so that everyone will know I'm serious. I determined that this project is what I can get out fast enough (looking at shipping in late January-early February), so I decided to focus on this and get it done so people can see I'm serious. So for all the Apple IIGS users out there, I am proud to bring you a reverse engineered clone of the TransWarp IIGS Accelerator! The card will ship around the time I quoted or possibly sooner. It will come stock clocked at 12MHz with 32k of cache. Price is targeted roughly at CAD$150-CAD$175 although there may be a small shift in either direction depending on certain factors. Yes I know its not Amiga, but I have had so many people tell me to produce something of high complexity that does not have schematics or Gerber files available for it to prove that I'm not a troll and do actually know what I'm doing. This is what I determined that I can make available in the shortest time, so this is the first project.

On the Amiga front the Thylacine redesign continues incorporating a 4 port hub and ethernet (the hub chip contains built in ethernet). So stay tuned! Any AIIGS fans out there feel free to PM me with preorders!
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