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This is for DD2 ECS 4.16 which is one I could successfully copy with mfmwarp program. It was made using SPS_2635.

WinUAE 2.4.1 A500 1M Chip ECS 1.3 ROM NTSC - extended ADF load is interrupted on its own and cartridge blue screen entered. 'x' then load continues OK. Cartridge freeze and exit works at will thereafter.

A500 (same setup) - Exact same mfmwarp dump to real floppy. Loads uninterrupted to the DD2 picture and scrolling credits. Freeze button enters cartridge. 'x' then screen goes totally dark. A little residual sound from speaker (not music).

At this point the freeze button works only one more time. When it is pressed the drive motor will spin a little. Key press blinks the LED as though inside AR3 but screen is still totally dark. Typing 'x' blind has no effect. reset command nothing. burst command nothing.

Sorry but no luck at all trying to copy DD2 3.84 version.
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