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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
You know it doesn't work like that. Someone is going to have to do the work to get the emus up to spec. Who will it be?

If I understand you, you reason something like: everyone has some kind of Android device. Those emulators are all right for making half of the games work if you fiddle a little, with frameskip 3, on various size screens where game graphics are covered with hard-to-hit virtual touch buttons. It crashes sometimes, but what the hey.

Well, that's good for someone who doesn't really care if their favorite games are playable on the go. But I can tell you buying the Archos (above) would be a big decision without knowing when those emulators become good. At least for those with more than casual interest in emulation.

Do you know how Kickstarter works, though?

It's just a suggestion, but I think it's a better option than the usual pre-order (for both parties) and I think this type of project would go through their screening procedure in a flash.
The emulators I've tried on Android are better than what is available on the PSP and possibly Pandora just through virtue of having more raw speed available.

There are plenty of physical control options available.

Frameskip? I'm not sure when you last used an Android device but most are powerful enough to drive emulators (even unoptimised) to get full speed.

When the Dreamcast is being emulated on Android faster than the actual hardware I think the frameskip point is gone.

[ Show youtube player ]

Kickstarter has tightened the rules on pitching tech products. They'd need a new working prototype to make a pitch video (Which has to be shown).

Not an existing product that was/is already on sale.

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