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Exclamation WinUAE won't detect written CD³² CDs

I've written an ISO/MP3 copy of Lotus Trilogy to CD-R and tried to make the latest WinUAE boot it. I made sure all the config settings matched the specs of the CD32 (as stated in the readme), and checked "UAEscsi.device". However, when it gets round to booting (after a mysterious little freeze in the emu beforehand) it shows the traditional start-up/menu screen that you get when you don't have a CD in. Pressing any of the buttons (I set it up so my Sidewinder joypad emulated the CD³² joypad) does nothing to make the booting of the CD happen, instead I get an NVRAM editing screen and a Language select screen, and that's it.

Funnily enough, WinUAE only detects and autoboots a CD if it's mounted as a virtual image under a virtual drive (a la Daemon Tools).

Is this a bug in the emu or is something else screwing things up? All info would be very much appreciated on this one.
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