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Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson View Post
you plucked stats out of your arse, "95% of the people buying one is using it as an emulator platform" I call bullcrap. Not everyone who ownes one posts on the forums or participates in polls, join an irc channel and see how much discussion is about emulation amongst the hundreds of people in there.
No, i used 95% instead of "Most, a fuckload, almost everybody" and so on. EVERYONE knows 95% is not the specific value, the point is that the majority, an overwhelming majority, bought this, over a small laptop, for the built in game controls. I cant believe we are even going in this direction.

Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson View Post
Losing track of your crap talking?
No, i'm fairly certain i got my "crap" right. Exactly how many buyers do you think had the Amiga as a deal breaker in buying or not, when selecting their emulation device? I'm fairly certain they are covered in the "less then the overwhelming majority" refereed to as 5%. Also, if you read closely, i say "pretty much" meaning there is space for improvement, which, i pointed out, has been delivered, at a lower price, with better hardware, in the Vita. The downside... The Vita is to new, a closed device, and the software for it simply isn't there yet. So, yeah, i'd go with one of those tiny laptops instead.

Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson View Post
It happens every time, thread gets bumped with some positive news, along come people who dont want one, never intend to get one, posting negative stuff and alternatives that are nothing like it.
Funny, as i intended to get one, up to the point where they went with a clamshell design. But then i opted out to early, and get disqualified from having an opinion due to that?
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